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I can't hear you I'm just fucking your face


Kaspar Bossers
crossing, 2012

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The Amity Affliction from last night at Empire (10-14-14). This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

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me after every conversation: shit they'll never wanna talk to me again






Heavy…. heavy,


… There’s a very important conversation to be had there.

If this is being brought up shouldn’t we also addressing the age of the politicians in places of power tho?


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im 11 and i eat weed every day fuck you

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i want to travel the world but i also want to stay home in bed

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" I want a girl who gets excited to talk to me. A girl who saves stories throughout the day just to tell them to me later. I want someone who texts me every morning to tell me to have a good day, even if I’ve been up at school for 3 hours already. I just want someone who acts like they care. Because I haven’t been getting much of that lately, and when people ask what’s wrong, I don’t know what to say. “I don’t feel loved?” “I don’t feel like I’m being fought for or given the effort i deserve?” It seems to petty to say out loud. i just want to feel excited to talk to someone. I want passion, and I don’t have it. "

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I remember the day I took this. I was downstairs the backstage of The Opera House in Toronto with Architects, Structures and A Sight For Sewn Eyes right before Architects went on for their set. I asked Sam if he would mind if I took a quick portrait photo. It was such a surreal moment getting to meet one of my favourite bands.

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